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Asus new page with benchmarks
Just noticed the asus tinkerboard main page (and url) has been updated with benchmarks comparing Tinker Board to "competitor sbc" :

[Image: chart-1-01.png]

But which competitor SBC ?
Quote:*Competitor SBC - OS: Linux 4.4.11+ armv7l l Memory Type: 1GB l CPU Type, Speed[GHz]: Cortex-A53 Quad-core 1.2GHz l GPU Type, Speed[MHz]: VideoCore IV
yes, that looks like a Raspberry Pi 3  Big Grin

for some reason the original url/page is out of sync with this and is still showing an older version (
- web guys will probably fix that soon.

New page also includes C GPIO (nothing new vs the wiki here

Also various benchmarks for network performance and wifi.

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