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Full Version: [Update] about Debian's Chromium crashes on startup
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[Update] about Debian's Chromium crashes on startup - Tinker Board

About Chromium v68 & v69, crashes on startup.

Here are some of bugs report on Debian:

And Debian's Chromium maintainer also already forwarded to Chromium:
#877480 - Crashes with SEGV on startup on Debian buster/sid with armhf arch

So this issue is not only happened on the TinkerOS(Debian), already confirm all of armhf (32bit) Debian OS would crash too. (e.g. Raspbian OS)

Please kind to hold the Chromium package not to upgrade.
Or downgrade to older version.


Follow up here: https://tinkerboarding.co.uk/forum/thread-1912.html