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Full Version: All-new Tinker Board forum on the way!
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All-new Tinker Board forum on the way! - Tinker Board

All-new Tinker Board forum on the way!

Dear members,

  We wish to thank you for supporting the ASUS Tinker Board forum. Our community is both vibrant and growing – and we’re grateful to all our loyal contributors and readers.

  Now for some exciting news! To improve the experience for everyone we’re planning to launch a brand-new Tinker Board forum. This refreshed platform is scheduled to go live later this year.

  When the new service is introduced, maintenance on our current forum will end. Your information (such as profile information and posts) left on the current forum will not be transferred to the new forum. Rest assured that we will not be deleting anything, so you will still be able to read all the posts here. However, new posts or replies to existing post will no longer be accepted.

  To participate in Tinker Board discussions on the new forum, you will need an ASUS member account. If you don’t already have account, please use below link to complete your registration.


  We very much look forward to revealing our updated forum, and to welcoming both new and existing members to our community.

ASUS Tinker board team