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Full Version: Tinker Board S - eMMC recovery??
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Tinker Board S ...... eMMC recovery ...... how?  

Seems I may have been (am) a muppet and may have wiped the eMMC card using the SD Formatter.... then imaged Armbian onto the eMMC and it's not booting.....


{not tried to reimage TinkerOS back to the eMMC yet}
A translated page, but should help:

Thanks Mike

Think this page has helped (waiting for emmc flash to finish)

>> EDIT >>
Yes I can confirm that if you image TinkerOS to an SD card and then insert it and used the eMMC recovery mode to boot the SD card whilst plugged in to the PC USB port you can then use the eMMC port to write images directly to it again after restoring UMS to the uboot process.
I had the exact same terror due to my inexperience. After following all of this I was able to return to happy board again. Thanks for the advice sharing guys.
Additional informations here