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Full Version: SpiImage_Tools
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Hi there,

Where can I download SpiImage_Tools_v1.136 (or an older version)?

I built Android update.img and there is a file, android_SOP_eng_7.1.2.docx that attaches a zip file, SpiImage_Tools_v1.136 .7z

Move the file android_SOP_eng_7.1.2.docx to Windows PC, it can not open the attachment file.

Where is SpiImage_Tools_v1.136 .exe located locally or a remote that I can download?

If your intent is unpack a 7z file you may try 7zip for linuxPC and/or Windows. I'm not sure about armV7 availability.
May be this usable.
You can download the tools from the rockchip-linux account on github