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Full Version: Display resolution lockup
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My first Tinker Board.
Connected via HDMI to a Mitsubishi 65" rear projection TV.
Desktop display is out of bounds. I need to lower resolution or resize screen.

I have a Tinker board S. I loaded TinkerOS Debian v2.0.8. Display resolution defaults to 1920x1080. When changing resolution to anything lower, in my case, screen goes black. The screen comes back without a resolution change and everything is locked up. I have to power off and power on to get back to square one.

How can I change the resolution or resize the screen without locking things up?

Thanks for any assist.
im amazed a rear projection tv has an hdmi port, my guess is the tv can only support one resolution, due to it being old technology
I'm facing a similar problem with a Toshiba REGZA 32. The initial screen is beyond the visible size. I used to adjust to 1440x768 by xrandr.
It's hard to find the menu bar to open a console terminal, but with the key combination ALT+F1 I can open it and find the lxterminal.
So for this use case, first it should need to find which resolution is accepted by the monitor
$ xrandr --verbose
So one of the possible monitors will be described with all possible resolution and which could be set.

When found a valid resolution, then the command can be added to ~/.config/autostart with a .desktop file.