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Full Version: DAB+ Radio support
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Good morning.

I want to listen to digital radio with the Tinker Board.
In Germany this is called DAB+.
But I don't know if this term also exists in other European countries or if it has a different name there.
I bought a SDR-radio-dongle which is connected via USB.
In the internet the DAB+-software welle.io is most often recommended.

I found it, it is available as appimage:

I made the appimage file executable and then tried to run it.
But nothing happened.

There is a hint for its use on Raspberry pi:
To use it on macOS or on a Raspberry Pi you can compile welle.io direct from the sources.
To compile welle.io check sources.

Must this also be done for use with the Tinker Board?
Does any of you know any easy to follow instructions how to compile for the Tinker Board yourself?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

I think you might use this, but is for Android.
There are some information on this page, but I didn't read all carefully.