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Full Version: Help! Need desperately help.
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Good evening.
I'm sitting with a friend to finally flash the eMMC memory of his Tinker Board S.
This under Linux MX-18, 64bit, Etcher as brand new AppImage.

Etcher found the eMMC memory and apparently started flashing, but finished the process after about 1 second.
I took 4 screenshots, which I enclose as an attachment.

Then I tried it under Windows 7, 64bit.
When connecting the Tinker Board S to a USB port, Tinker was detected,
but Windows required formatting of the emmC memory, which I allowed.

After a quick formatting eMMC was recognized as a removable drive.

Etcher (Windows) recognized the flash memory, but aborted the
flash process after one second like Etcher under Linux.

Then I completely formatted the flash memory under Windows, i.e. overwriting it.
Now eMMC is neither recognized under Linux nor under Windows.

Windows tries to install a driver, but aborts it with the message "unknown device".

Have I possibly destroyed the eMMC by overwriting the formatting?

Who can help?

Thank you for every hint.
It greets you
You should read this and maybe my writeup on the third page.