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Full Version: Changing OS from Android to Debian
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I am sorry but I am new with SBCs and I am having issues changing the OS on Tinker S.
I started by using android but I would like to boot it with Debian. I copied the image on a SD card but it doesn't boot properly and keeps android as OS.

If someone could help me, I would really appreciate.

Thank you!
"bootinging from SD card on S model is possible in Maskrom mode."
Thank you for your swift answer! I will try!
Best regards!
Maskrom mode is the correct answer to open image on SDcard. Smile
Thank you guys, it worked!
I only get a blackscreen without starting bar but I can open terminals so I should be fine!
Thank you again for your help!
Welcome on board !! (tinker board ? Big Grin )
I need help too for the same query...
@ jerrymatt
There's the answer already Smile