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Full Version: USB Connection from TinkerBoard to Windows
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i want to test android auto on my pc.
For this i need an usb connection from the tinkerboard to my pc.
I use a Goobay USB Kabel 93375 USB 2.0 1,8m A/A-Stecker. Under the debug settings i activated the mtp protocol for usb.
But if i connect i can not see a new device in windows. Is the cable wrong ?
Or do i have to use the pins from the micro usb cable ?
I hope anybody can help me !!!

Best Regards
Is this a Tinkerboard S?
Windows can't see the emmc.  Ignor that.
Run etcher in windows and ETCHER should see the emmc and flash the emmc.
That is how I did my new tinkerboard s.

Windows can't see an ext4 format on a microSD/eMMC.

Correct me, if I am reading your post wrong.
I think your searches on the forum (if any) didn't catch this.
i want to connect the android studio on my pc with the asus tinker board.
On my pc android auto is running in DHU mode.
But if i connect i can not get a connection.
If everything is good i would see a device by the command "adb devices". The tinker board is in MIDI USB configuration and connected via an usb to usb cable  (see above).
The result of the command does not show any conncted device. The list of the attaced devices is empty.

Is my question now more clear ?

Best Regards
That supposes you have Android installed on the TB, isn't it ?
yes this is right. So can someone help me ?
Is it as Software or a hardware issue (wrong wiring) ?

Best Regards
I'm not keen to Android, nor to Windows. I wish other will come in to reply your question.
From my point of view it might be best if you work for linux in a linux environment. So the Android Studio seems, to me, most suited within a linux distro. Also because you might find forum talking about the Android Studio.
No @Im4Tinker & @Jay Smith, thanks for your help.
But @drafter0815 is ask about like Android ADB via USB OTG, not eMMC or UMS.

Hi drafter0815,
Can you let us know, which Android OS image version did you used?
We would take a check.
i used the image with rooting from the forum:
If i look in the tablet status. I find the following informations:
Android Version 7.1.2
Kernel version: 4.4.112
Build number: rk3288-userdebug 7.1.2 NHG47K rk3288- test-keys

So am i wright if the problem is becasuse of the OTG mode ?
I want to connect it to my pc (master which simulates the car head unit of my volkswagen). In parallel i want to connect a dab stick with the tinker board. I need one usb connection with and one without otg mode ?

Very confusing.

Best Reards
(01-11-2019, 05:06 AM)Tinker Board Wrote: [ -> ]But @drafter0815 is ask about like Android ADB via USB OTG, not eMMC or UMS

It took some additional post to understand it.
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