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Full Version: What browser?
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I see through all the forums there are a lot of problems with Browsers using the Debian image.  What browser works?
Problems comes from the upstream, from Debian package repository. Perhaps it is already solved? In case not, you can check Ubuntu Bionic based desktop https://www.armbian.com/tinkerboard/ ... with much more recent kernel.
So, is Debian, or just the pi release not being updated?
Packages for TinkerOS came from Debian. If bug is there, bug is here as well. I am not aware wheather this is broken with or without update, but commands:

apt update
apt upgrade

Updates all packages and if after the update, this is still broken, you need to fix on your own ... by installing some older working versions and not updating. It has been discussed - do some search.
I'm using Chromium 67
(02-09-2019, 06:05 PM)Silk Wrote: [ -> ]I'm using Chromium 67

Same, follow these steps: