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Full Version: Read only FS tutorial
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I have a tinkerboard in an environement where power can be cut at any moment (at boot, or during normal operation). I thus would like a way to prevent the SD card from memory corruption.

For this, I was thinking of putting the OS read only, and came accross this post (can't paste it, but it's thread-1927-post-8090) but no clear answer could help (overlayroot is not available on Debian stretch). I then came accross this SO post (Raspberry SE: read-only-raspbian-and-microsd-partitioning) that gave indications but only for raspberries.

I am not very proficient in OS tweaking, and I wanted to know if somebody had managed to get a safe RO system, with probably part of it being RW for the system to work correctly ? If not, can somebody help me do something like this, and maybe we can make a tutorial for others out of it.

Thanks in advance!

Pick Ubuntu version, run armbian-config and enable this feature.
(03-01-2019, 06:33 AM)igorpec Wrote: [ -> ]Pick Ubuntu version, run armbian-config and enable this feature.

I already have a fully configured OS already and I'm not planning on changing for another one, so this solution doesn't really fit my need. I'm using tinkeros right now
What about using a SD card for the Igor proposal ?