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Full Version: opengl apt errors
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when one tries to install packages such as libopenscenegraph-3.4 or qt4/5, they will hit a large number of mesa and opengl dependency errors because Asus's packages for opengl and gles are differently named than the debian ones, so when someone tries to install a package that relies on say, libGL.so, apt-get will try to install debian's version and fail because the same files are already there but from the libmali package instead. to solve this I downloaded all the dependency error-causing files from the debian repository, edited them and removed all the files from the packages and changed control and md5sums to suit, then repacked and installed them. this essentially made apt-get think that they had been already installed and I could go on with compiling openmw. I don't know how well my "fix" will hold up in the long run but it seems to be working. Could Asus please fix this? because it took me half an hour getting everything sorted out and that was with removing the depends section from the files to make sure I wouldn't have to modify any extra ones.

Thanks, Tinkerthinker

BTW: I think doing an apt-upgrade or maye dist upgrade also causes this problem
PS: if you do what I did, make sure to put the modified packages on hold to make sure they don't get accidentally overwritten in the future