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Full Version: Display size issues
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Running on ASUS TinkerS Android Nougat OS (20190103-tinker-board-android-nougat-userdebug-v14.2.2.73).
From default settings (resolution 1920x1080 / density 240), when I go to the Settings  =>  Display => Display Size => Pass from ‘’Default’’ to ‘’Larger’’.
I observe that the icons get a little bigger (that’s the goal) and the bottom ‘’select’’ buttons goes to the right side, so no problems for now.
But when I restart the ASUS TinkerS, then the ‘’select’’ buttons (right side) disappear…
The icons size change stays ok.
I have to go again to the Settings  =>  Display => Display Size => and perform an action like go back to ‘’Large’’ then I see the ‘’select’’ button appear again…
Bug ?
Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Best Regards