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Full Version: Incorrect Pins Triggered When Using gpio_lib_c
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Hello everyone,,
I've been trying to play with TinkerBoard GPIO from C, and I've been having trouble with multiple pins being set to the incorrect logic level when I only intended to xvideos.onl/ xnxx.onl/  chaturbate.onl/ toggle a single GPIO pin. I have already filed a Github Issue, but I figured I would also post to the forum. All pin numbers I mention are using WiringPi's Pin Numbers, so "GPIO 5" in WiringPi is Pin 18 on TinkerBoard's GPIO header, etc.

Basically, I'm trying to toggle GPIO 5 (Pin 18 on the Header) low, then high, and then toggle GPIO 4 low. I would expect that GPIO 5 would remain high when I toggle GPIO 4 low in the described sequence, but all my testing has indicated that toggling GPIO 4 low will also bring GPIO 5 low (even if GPIO 4 was already low!). Is this a known issue w/ gpio_lib_c? Has anybody else had any issues like this?

My theory (I've been unable to test) is that the current values of GPIO ports on the TinkerBoard CPU aren't being saved/masked properly when a GPIO pin is toggled, so updating one GPIO pin sets the remaining pins in a bank to the same value.

Also I'd like to note: I've used the SPI Pins (Pin 19 and 23 on the GPIO header) as well, and they work just fine! undefined

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance!
Is this a known issue w/ gpio_lib_c? Has anybody else had any issues like this?
-->it should be fixed, please refer https://github.com/TinkerBoard/gpio_lib_...9bb74b2535

if get trouble, let us know. thank you.