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Full Version: Installing on/off switch Problem?
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Hello everyone,,
I did a bit of searching around really couldnt find a good tutorial on how to properly install an on/off switch on the TB. I currently use mine as a desktop and I'd mobdro lucky patcher kodi rather not  (if I can avoid it) have to constantly plug and unplug the USB power in order to start it up after I gracefully shut the OS down. Hell, I'd be happy with just an on switch that I could solder/pin into the GPIO to just gracefully turn the TB on.
The ASUS power supply unit comes with a switch on the cord. This is better than unplug the micro USB. The same might be applied to the GPIO pins, so the 5V can be cut off and power down the system.
For S version there are pins near the micro USB that perform a shut down when shorted.