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Full Version: USB ports dead?
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I'm having a little trouble with my tinker board lately.  For whatever reason it appears the usb are dead.  There is no result when anything is plugged in.  Keyboard doesn't work.  No light on the mouse. EOS which he deviant still boots up to the desktop phone seems to function just fine I just can't do anything with no keyboard or mouse.  I switched SD cards to load up that Volumio recently.  I Get to s login script but again can't proceed without a keyboard.  The micro usb ripped off and I'm powering by flip but have been doing that for a while and the usb issue is recent.  I have functioning Ethernet as well.  I may try to ssh in later and see if I can't hook up a Bluetooth keyboard but sim not familiar with the commands to set that up in the terminal.
I imagine you tried every USB port you have available, right?