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Full Version: I don't understand why I cannnot rich 1800 megahertz ?
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I have realise that the Debian official version for the TinkerBoard S do not allow me to have the maximum speed of the processor. I am block to 1510 megahertz even in performance mode. I have read some things to repair this but I am desappointed that the Debian upgrade have made a regression when some times bebore I was able to rich 1800 megahertz.

So, I decide to switch to Armbian who give me 1800 megahertz. In plus I have found a solution for the missing /dev/input/mice device file that is use by Gpm. Just use the good device file symbolic link in /dev/input/by-id with evdev as the Gpm driver and Gpm work fine.

The Armbian allow me to use Autofs but in a slightly different way than with other Linux distributions. Using /etc/auto.misc to set my devices and network shares for automounting do the trick. I never have been able to use Gpm and Autofs with the official TinkerBoard S Debian version.

Maybe I have miss something with the official TinkerBoard S Debian version but I am gone stay with Armbian if everything continue to go well. Everything work on Armbian but I don't know if the Usb and Hdmi audio outputs work well. I have not test them yet. On Debian official and other distributions those audio ports where throwing scrap noise at the beginning when I bought the TinkerBoard S. Recently they where working well after multiple upgrades.

Anyway, most of the time I use Bluetooth headsets for audio output. I worked hard to have all the features of the TinkerBoard S and it seem's to be true now.

One last thing, I cannot pass Linux kernel parameters in Armbian using the file /boot/armbianEnv.txt to add kernel parameters. It do not work after I do an mkimage and a reboot. I have find no satisfying documentation yet on how to proceed for this on Armbian.
Many people have stopped using the TinkerBoard OS and use Armbian.
You'll find Armbian has a good forum where people answer

You made the right choice.