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Full Version: Tinker Board S for Android Music Player?
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I've been trying to figure out my options when it comes to building an Android-based portable music player. I'm between Tinker Board S (which supports Android 6) and the HiKey 960 (which is officially supported by Google and supports Android 8).

The things I'm trying to figure out are:

1) How do I know if a particular display is supported?
I want the display to be as tiny as it can possibly be. 3.5 inch is already big, but it will do for now. There are many 3.5'' options out there, but how can I tell whether they will work with Tinker Board S or not?

2) What's the smallest display size that Android supports?
How do I find this information? My Google-fu isn't as strong as I thought Smile Can I get away with something as small as 2.8"? How can I tell?

3) Can I remove components from the Tinker Board S?
Obviously I'm trying to make this as small as possible, so removing unnecessary bulky components would help reduce the size. For example, can I simply rip out the USB Type-A components on the board? 

Thank you in advance.