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Full Version: Rpi 3B+ over Asus Tinker Board
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Hi everybody,

 As you can guess by the title, I have a huge hesitation between Rpi 3B+ and Asus TB.

I would like to get a SBC to try some software stuff, installing various Linux distribution, making tries over this, developping a bit of Python, and doing a bit of retrogaming.

To sum up all the things I want to do :

- Occasional computing (web surfing)

- Some coding (mainly Python, also C++) (I have a project to code a small videogame)

- Some retrogaming, but don't plan to install a specific distribution for this (possible on non retropie and non recallbox OS ?)

- Installing various linux distribution to try them (never tried ArchLinux, would give it a shot)

So what can you tell me about this ?

Do I really need the power of Asus TB ? Or is Rpi 3B+ enough ?

Many thanks !
What about RPi 4? Big Grin
The best of the two options, I think.