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Full Version: Rpi 3B+ over Asus Tinker Board
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Hi everybody,

 As you can guess by the title, I have a huge hesitation between Rpi 3B+ and Asus TB.

I would like to get a SBC to try some software stuff, installing various Linux distribution, making tries over this, developping a bit of Python, and doing a bit of retrogaming.

To sum up all the things I want to do :

- Occasional computing (web surfing)

- Some coding (mainly Python, also C++) (I have a project to code a small videogame)

- Some retrogaming, but don't plan to install a specific distribution for this (possible on non retropie and non recallbox OS ?)

- Installing various linux distribution to try them (never tried ArchLinux, would give it a shot)

So what can you tell me about this ?

Do I really need the power of Asus TB ? Or is Rpi 3B+ enough ?

Many thanks !
What about RPi 4? Big Grin
The best of the two options, I think.
I'm the person who makes RetroPie on the Tinkerboard and Slash TV Android OS. I can tell you now it beats the pi3b+ by a long shot. Sega Saturn is working, Dreamcast, Sega Naomi and atomiswave, n64, PSP, all the things rpi won't run work on tinker. It's got over 150 systems and they are all themed by hursty, while still fitting on the 16gb emmc or SD. Version 1.1 was just released which was updates to the cores and emus for bug fixes, an updated retroarch, and upgrades to the underlying OS, which is a custom built debian stretch. We have our own fb group called tech toy tinker retro gaming with about 2k members, and the info and files are all on techtoytinker.com 
I own the pi3b+ also, I started with tinkerboard because I wanted more systems to run well. Almost a year later and it's running very well, even has its own custom retro pie GitHub
The fact that tinkerboard can run android well is a huge plus over p3 or 4 ....