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Full Version: Module Ds3231 integration with any version of Android
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Good evening guys, I already opened a topic about it, but I had no answer .. How do I definitely integrate a battery module into an android version, preferably the existing root version 6.0, how do I integrate with this android6 .0.img existing?

Thank you.
Maybe following is your needs.
But I have no time to test it.

From that commit log, it means their have an on-board RTC need to disable. Then I guess you can use DS3231...
But this commit have been revert here: https://github.com/TinkerBoard/android-6...4d378577ca
// Since if default disable on-board RTC, and Android's time would be some problem.

So, you may need to patch https://github.com/TinkerBoard/android-6...52300c5a63 again, then take a try...

Do you know how to compile kernel?
Good evening, first I would like to thank you for your help.
But I have some serious remarks to make.
I think the development of the android OS for the tinker board should be better evaluated and tested.
One does not have if one wants on the site to download a version 7 + Root + ModuleDS3231, or version 6 + Root + ModuleDS3231.
It is extremely important that if you have these versions, I am starting to come back with android emulated on x86 architectures, they are more stable with root and it works perfectly.
My question is: how difficult is it to get root and drum module versions 7 and 6 available?
I need some answers to decide whether to continue with the tinker board or go back to the androidx86 platform.
Thank you all.