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Full Version: Emulationstation (or another command) in another tty
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Hello friends. This is a question more related with Linux in general than Tinkerboard.

I run correctly Emulationstation under LXDE environment BUT, when Retroarch (or other non-lr emulators) run and I use analog pads, the mouse pointer is visible and moving during game.
I have tried many options in Retroarch and I have concluded that the best way to run them is under terminals (tty2. for example). In adittion the mouse stops annoying, the emulators run smoothly.

Now, here's my request:

-I want to make a command which must start EE in other tty (tty2, for example) and very important, I want autologgging in this tty (password-less), because my intention is let friends and other people to start it from Desktop environment only clicking a direct access, without need Huh of typing users o passwords.

-I have tried chvt (and similars) and scripts with #!/usr/bin/expect -f without results.

What can I try?

I'm used to connect through a ssh or with an adapter plugged to GPIO. I guess you may access as a different user to the same TB, don't you?
So one condition is to start TB and the normal user will access the GUI, from the boot. Then another user might access the TB by the SSH. You may take an investigation what is a SSH.

One more option will require and adapter to connect another machine to the TB hardware, search on the forum about my posts and you get more informations.