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Full Version: Power is nothing without control
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Hello everyone,,

This review is bang on to my experience so far with the Tinker Board.
rta test

Hmm. Have you read comments?

Quote:ASUS doesn’t make hardware. They package it.

Official OS = bare minimum (usually development preview level) software support. In open source world dedicated 3rd party can only make it better unless going into some strange directions. Community has more resources than few engineers from ASUS which were behind this ASUS single board computer adventure. Two years ago that might not be that obvious, true, but today is. Community backed OS are far better.

Quote:The tinker board pretty much has the smallest community of any ‘dev board’ that I’m familiar with. Pretty much everything else has better support from the their community.

One way around that is a non-board specific community like Armbian. Try taking a look at: https://www.armbian.com/tinkerboard/ They're board agnostic. The extra benifit of that is more uniformity in the software environment amongs the many boards. Rather than suffering the board/community specific foibles, you have a level of uniformity that pays benefits in not having to relearn how each distro does things.

Quote:Take a look at Armbian.com, it has Tinker Board support, both kernel 4.4 like Tinker OS, and mainline. 

Quote:I did try Armbian. I encountered most of the same issues described in the review. I didn’t mention it because Armbian isn’t provided by Asus.

But ASUS did https://twitter.com/asususa/status/1023063039485112320 and they also worked with us closely trying to make support better ...