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Full Version: About speaker output
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What is the output of the TinkerBoardS speaker?
If there is a data sheet, please tell me where it is.
The audio socket should provide a stereo output, which may drive a head-set. as it would do a smartphone.
I would like to ask you about the output wattage of the speaker.
"headphone jacks typically provide only 10-20 mW of output power."
Thank you very much. understood.
Is there a way to work the audio output jack with an HDMI connection to a TV simultaneously? I have checked and no sound from the headset!
I want to stream the video from HDMI TV connection and audio from the soundbar together!
I suppose that the jack insertion will exclude the other output. It may take some fiddling to allow both outputs, which I'm not aware of.
Thank you so much

Kodi Lucky Patcher nox
Thank you very much. understood.
Everything will get better if you really focus on it. Your information too, I'm sure you focused a lot on getting a full article.