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Full Version: No image on anything above full HD
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I have posted about having a problem with to get an image when i connect the tinker board to my 4K TV (it will output 1080p shortly and then try to adjust, with a black screen as the result). I have now upgraded to the new TinkerOS (Version March 10, 2017) and tested both my 4k TV as well as some other screen with that i just had standing around which is above 1080 p.

The result is the same, only black screen. So I find it pretty weak that the 4K ready Tinker Board cannot even output its operating system in high resolution.
Anyone having any experience with that. In this state, i have to consider this board an absolute failure.

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No idea, I have no problem of 4k in my TInker & TV.

Black screen is power off?
If it's look like power off, maybe is power-adapter not enough 2~2.5A?

not sure, maybe u can try it more.
Hmm, strange, my power supply should be sufficient. maybe it is the unit itself that is corrupted. i will test with few other screens and maybe wait until asus offers better support. I wonder if anyone else has that problem.