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Full Version: Official RPI 7 inch touchscreen and TinkerOS Android
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Has anyone been able to get touch working on the Official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen on Tinker OS Android? I know folks were able to get it working on Linux, but when I finally got around to setting up my Tinker Board this past weekend with the latest TinkerOS Android version, I noticed that it wasn't responding to any touches from the touchscreen. I followed the original RPI GPIO pinouts (5v power + Ground to pins 2 and 6 respectively, as well as pins 3 and 5 for SCA and SCL respectively) to see if that made it work, but with no success. Hopefully I'm not the only one going through this issue.
I couldn't get my screen to work with android at all so haven't tested any further.

This screen did work fine with Debian though.