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Full Version: Gentoo on Tinker Board S
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I'm trying to build my own gentoo OS for Tinker Board S. I got this far:
- U-Boot from official LibreELEC v9.2 installed on EMMC.
- empty boot partition on EMMC
- boot partition on SD card with:
- kernel and device tree from Armbian
- root partition on SD card
- unpacked Gentoo musl stage3 (expermental)
- updated with emerge from official Gentoo repository, plus musl overlay

The next step I'm trying to do is to update the kernel. I installed gentoo official kernel v5.5.5 (latest right now), used /proc/config.gz from current kernel as a starting point, modified it a little bit (mainly switched form modules to integrated drivers) and then compiled it.
Compilation was successful, but it won't boot. I replaced the armbian kernel with this new file, but U-Boot refuses to boot it. It finds the file, tries to load it, and then fails.
Is there anything I'm missing?

Second problem I have is that I don't know how to update U-Boot. It seems to be located somewhere before the first partiton. Does anyone know exactly where is it located and how to update it?

Thank you.
Welcome to experiment with a non-debian derived !! Big Grin
You might find some interest of what I've done to install the Archlinuxarm. But currently the last update has gone weird, so I can't get any step back to downgrade the kernel.

There still some drawback about the bluetooth (mainlined kernel didn't proceed on the researches), so I'd like some guidance to create a patch as it's done with Armbian. Igor, where to find such piece of script?
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