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Full Version: Regarding Tinker Edge T 45W power consumption use case
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It has been quoted that "Most SBC motherboards only offer a 15 watt (5V 3A) power design, which can cause device and system instability when there are multiple connected devices. Other SBCs have power designs that lower the performance of their I/O ports. Tinker Edge T has a special power design that, together with a DC head power supply, delivers up to 45 watts of power, enabling stable system operation and full I/O performance, even with multiple connected devices. Additionally, an exclusive power-protection design activates automatically if the supplied current and voltage change significantly, effectively protecting the board and all connected devices." in the website

Can anyone please give me an use case in which 45W(atleast approximately) of power will be consumed and its distribution on various ports?

You can refer to the below table. Because Edge T supports full power for each usb port (3.0 x2 and type-c x1), user can connect heavy devices on Edge T, like SSD or others.... especially user can connect DP panel via type-c port. So deliver up to 45W that is for those application.

[Image: uOSz1cNm.jpg]