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Full Version: [Release] TinkerOS_Android 7 Nougat v14.4.0.5
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TinkerOS_Android v14.4.0.5

Release Notes
1. Fix the issue that touch may not work when using SD to boot.
2. Fix the issue that Japanese IME would crash.
3. Fix the issue that Tinker R/BR cannot boot with some AC.
4. Fix the issue that the navigation bar might disappear.

4aed48e9c29019e314aa565c6294e759 (ZIP)

Download link:
Hi to all! Good to see that there is new update in tinker board Android version... But also this version like the others with the Android 7 version is not compliant with video 4k... If you try to play a 4k video all the system blocks.
Best regards.
Good afternoon folks, I already faced difficulties in the version above 6.0, more specific in version 7.0 and 8.1 here in the forum.
In contact with a member of the forum that performs the launch of android 8.1, detected the possible problem.
For everyone to understand, I have a system on Android that plays several videos in a row, but when you go to the next video there is a black screen of about 2 seconds between the videos. It's very frustrating because you imagine getting black between one video and another. This behavior only happens in versions above 6.0, in 6.0 it works perfectly and there is no black transition between the videos.
The factor that may be causing this is: rockchip gl binary use the latest strategy for renderring and it use renderBlackFrame each time when switching streams. you need to modify that binary by replacing renderblackframe with noops commands.

Would anyone know and how to proceed to correct this in versions later than 6?