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Full Version: [Release] Tinker Board Debian OS V2.1.11
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Tinker Board Debian OS V2.1.11

Release Notes:
1. Fix the issue that touch may not work when using SD to boot
2. Rollback and hold Chromium at chromium_63.0.3239.84-1_deb9u1_armhf.deb since the newer version cannot play HTML5 video
3. HDMI: Fix the blank screen issue for Acer KG221Q display
4. Change the GPU maximal frequency to 600Mhz
5. Fix the memory leak for GStreamer.

2d19a90d17dd5b1309ebb333121bb353aad6db421c6a6582dcd5e9c78e5fe0c8 (zip)

Download link:
When will you fix dist-upgrade so I do not need to re-flash every time......