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Full Version: Screen resolution problem (stretched and squashed)
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Hi everyone, I am facing this problem:

I got a tinker board S and a 1080x1920 (9:16) 5.5" screen made by waveshare designed for the Raspberry pi. When I use Android 7 on it, this is what happens (LINKS provided)

I tried changing screen rotation and resolution also through ADB and nothing. The same happens with another 5.5 inch 2k display 1440x2560 (also 9:16) I have. It's like it's trying to display a 16:9 screen in portrait and viceversa and it's driving me crazy. What could I do to solve this? My knowledge of ADB is limited but if you give me something to look it up I'll do my research. Thanks!

not enough posts to add links just erase a few spaces, sorry.

https ://i .imgur .com/ukUgCB6m .jpg
https ://i. imgur. com/1PDpz6bm. jpg
https ://i. imgur.com/WUEpY1Am. jpg