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Full Version: Issues with Bluetooth Gamepads Controllers
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I’m having issues with my my bluetooth controllers/gamepads:
•XBox One Controller - Model 1708 - Bluetooth
•Emtec Bluetooth GEMPad for GEMBox - Android
•I’m running TinkerOS_Android v14.4.0.5 (the latest?)

Both controllers are not detected by Asphalt 9 Legends (yes, it run OKish) and Modern Combat 5. I also tried other games from the Playstore, but those 2 are the ones I’m mostly concerned. Basically nothings happens if I press any buttons/triggers/sticks. Well, pressing the “B” button on the Xbox controller behaved like pressing the Android back button. Also the Xbox mappings were pretty bad. I used an app called GamepadTester and pressing the R or L Triggers also activated the right thumbstick. Thankfully I found the correct keylayout file and I was able to fix it. Now the Xbox BT Controller behaves correctly on the GamepadTester but it still doesn’t work on those 2 games.

Normally the same GamepadTest app will allow to modify/create keylayout files but it requires App Root Access (I don’t know how to enable SuperSU on the TinkerBoard). The fix was pretty simple:
Step1: Open an ADB shell to mount /system writable
Step2: Push the fixed/modified .kl (keylayout file -see below for details) from my computer to system/usr/keylayout.
Step3: Open ADB Shell to restore or mount /system read-only
Step4: Reboot TinkerBoard (maybe optional or not needed).

*I can post the ADB/Shell commands I used if some needs them. Just reply to this post and let me know.*

Since I’m using the Xbox One S Bluetooth Gamepad Model 1708 the file is named: Vendor_045e_Product_02fd.kl

I forgot the link to directly download the .kl file but I do have the link to the AOSP-Mirror on GitHub: github.com/aosp-mirror/platform_frameworks_base/blob/master/data/keyboards/Vendor_045e_Product_02fd.kl

I really want to enjoy Android gaming on the TinkerBoard with the Xbox or Emtec gamepads. Any help will be appreciated.