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Full Version: Change resolution
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How can change the HDMi resolution to 1920x720?

Have 7.1.2 and 8.1 android but  with easy dpi changer root  it not helps it changes resolztion but not the HDMI resolution

Hope you can help or give tips or tricks? 

Kind regards 
Did you look under Settings -> Display -> Resolution ? I am playing with the 8.1 Android and that is where it was for me. I have not played with the 7.x version of Android for quite some time and cannot remember where exactly in settings it is, since I could never get it to work beyond 720p no matter what I hooked it up to (note that it wasn't the latest version of the official Android, it was the one from last May, I think).
Yes there is no custom option there only the default resolutions.

With adb need check
OK. Good luck, you may be able to do it using ADB, but I"m not sure.
Take a look at this thread "TinkerOS-Android VGA-Monitor" for the ADB command Set WM size.