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Full Version: Touchscreen Problems with ETG-4500UG_X Touch controller
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First of all Hello everyone,

Im new to this forum and this is my first post so thanks for having me here Smile

My problem is that I have a Tinkerboard and got an older Touchscreen as a gift.
Its run by the ETG-4500UG_X Touchcontroller

I downloaded the driver from the website : http: //www.eeti.com.tw/drivers_Linux.html to be exact the " EgTouch_V2.5.8078.L-ma ARM  /  MIPS     2020.04.08 "
I am using the newest version oder Tinker Os Debian

so my question is how and which part do I install now?
Sorry I am not too much experienced with Linux, I have been playing around with it before but I am surely no expert
I´d appreciate all tipps and hints , thank you in Advance