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Full Version: Short circuit power input
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I purchased a used Tinkerboard to try and learn Hass.io. It worked great for a couple of weeks until last night. When I tried to login in the Home Assistant app from my phone I got a timeout error. When I checked the Tinkeboard it was dead. When I plug it in to another power supply (micro USB) nothing happens. When I use a USB power display in between I can see that the power goes up and then immediately down. If I plug it in to a USB power bank, the power bank shuts down.

Not being an electronics guru I can assume that there is some kind of "short circuit". 

Can I switch to power the board via GPIO instead of Micro USB or are they interconnected and the "short circuit" will affect the GPIO pins as well?

I have 20-30 mUSB cables. Only 2 can boot Tinkerboard properly.
I guess I'll have to try another cable.
It can be the cable, or the Tinkerboard, a short circuit is the most plausible option as the board isn't new.
This is a really helpful post.