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Full Version: Wifi and Ethernet simultaneously on Android?
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Hi everyone,
I am trying to set up a project where my tinkerboard needs access to two different network. One is a wifi connection to a drone with it's own wifi SSID. The other is to my home network, so the tinkerboard can talk to other computers running OpenCV that can see the drone and control it. 
I've got two issues:
  • When I plug in the ethernet cable, the wifi card won't hold a connection.
  • The wifi antenna can't see the drone's wifi SSID, though my phone can. I've checked that they both operate on the same frequencies, they do.
The drone I'm trying to connect to is a DJI Mavic Air. I need Android on the tinker board because that's what the DJI SDK uses.

Thank you for any insights.
You can bridge those connections so you can use both networks, but as long as there isn't an error code I can't help you properly.
hi rwhall,

maybe this will help... 
Android Ethernet and Wi-Fi at the same time..

"..There is a simpler way, which doesn't require you to build AOSP matching your device. You can simply modify smali-decompiled code and recompile it..."

TinkerOS_Android 7 Nougat v14.4.0.5 has...  /system/framework/services.jar file..
k247@YOGA700-11ISK:~/temp/tinkerboard/v14_4_0_5$ adb -t 7 shell ls -Flah /system/framework/services.jar
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3.0M 2019-12-27 01:37 /system/framework/services.jar

hope it helps,