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Full Version: [Release] Tinker Edge R Debian Stretch V1.0.4
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Tinker Edge R Debian Stretch V1.0.4

Release Notes
1. Merge Upstream/Rockchip (commit: 85c4a3b, kernel: 4.4.194).
2. Upgrade NPU FW, RKNN DRV to 1.3.1 (6ebb4d7 build: 2020-01-02 09:37:58).
3. RKNN SDK/API is removed, and the pre-loading is canceled start from this image to avoid the image file being too large. Still can download and install through the script on the desktop.
4. Improve Type-C DP and HDMI compatibility.
5. Enable Kernel config to support Docker.

9e1803ba316b5bedadcb9a683c0b5fa87f2702e76a6d8d8315501200cf7674a4 (zip)

Direct download: https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/Em...200615.zip

Others: https://tinker-board.asus.com/download-list.html