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Full Version: [Release] Tinker Edge T Mendel 4 Day V2.0.2
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Tinker Edge T Mendel 4 Day V2.0.2

Release Notes
1. First release based on Debian 10 (buster) (Note that our distribution does not include everything from Debian; for example, Mendel does not include desktop environments and applications, because our system is designed for embedded systems. Also, the new SecureBoot and AppArmor changes do not apply to Mendel)
2. Support for Python 3.7
3. Support for OpenCV and OpenCL
4. Support for device tree overlays
5. Upgraded GStreamer pipelines
6. Upgraded Linux Kernel (4.14)
7. Upgraded U-Boot bootloader (2017.03.3)
8. Support BenQ RL2455HM display
9. Support USB remote wakeup

e0c5b8ea8d00d83b42c0d4e7cd5450c744bf47a1c26a4210dcba2afe6d01579b (zip)

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