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Full Version: Bricked my TinkerBoard?
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Hello all, I hope this question hasn't been thoroughly answered before, but if it has please direct me to the resource!

While installing TinkerOS (debian) onto my tinkerboard S from my windows machine, the cable became unplugged and I believe has either totally bricked the machine, or has simply made the storage medium undetectable by windows crappy disk management software. Is there any way I can rewrite the eMMC or get the onboard storage detectable again to run etcher and fix its issue?

I think I might be able to do it if I had one of my linux machines, as Ive had similar issues with windows detecting USB devices that were unplugged during writing.

Can I write the image to a SD card and be able to write to the eMMC?

I feel like a mega-idiot for not securing the cable properly and would appreciate any help!


So I was able to learn how to switch the boot mode of the tinker board from parking to maskrom mode and got it to boot again, hopefully now I can rewrite the eMMC from the tinkerOS itself.
I was able to find this guide for flashing the eMMC from the TinkOS booted from an SD card.

(09-23-2018, 12:44 PM)mas9l4ever Wrote: [ -> ]I "bicked" eMMC of my TBS in the first day of use, today I managed to boot TBS from eMMC for the first time. Here is what I did:

0. Boot your TBS using SD card, use terminal or SSH to input following commands.

1. Download TinkerOS distribution and unzip: 
wget [link***]
unzip 20180622-tinker-board-linaro-stretch-alip-v2.0.7.img.zip

2. Delete old partitions from eMMC(mmcblk1 in my case):
sudo fdisk /dev/mmcblk1

3. Reboot TBS.

4. Unpack image file to the cleaned partition:
sudo dd if=20180622-tinker-board-linaro-stretch-alip-v2.0.7.img of=/dev/mmcblc1 status=progress && sync

After this you should be able to boot your TBS form eMMC, do not forget to change jumper to the parking position. Result is not optimal through - root partition on eMMC created by dd tool is only 3GB, rest left not used, I do not know why it happened, and I do not know how to change partition size in fdisk tool, so I used gparted tool to increase root partition on eMMC to use all available space.

I'm complete noob to linux & terminal, so do not blame my solution for the incompetence, on the other hand optimization tips are appreciated.

***P.S. I can not post links, so you have to find workable link for Tinker OS distribution by yourself, I used archive provided on this website wiki section.
I have run into an issue where it doesn't seem to be able to expand the eMMC partition to full capacity to fit the Debian TinkOS distro.
Thank you for this wonderful sharing