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Full Version: Interfacing to 10.1" TFT (1280x800) LCD Display module
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Trying to interface 10.1" TFT LCD display on HDMI using ASUS stock Android 7.1.2 build version When powered ON, TinkerBoard logo appeared at boot up, and later the Android screen is displayed slanted. The image on the screen is slanted and not straight. When Tinker is connected to a TV screen through HDMI, it is good. Any help to pointers to resolve the issue will be appreciated.
hi girireddy,

maybe your tv works with 60 hz and the 10.1" TFT (1280x800) does not...

have you tried to set frequency @ 30 hz... ?

try to find all frequencies that your 10.1" TFT (1280x800) support...

then from Tinker Board post's  #3 you can set correct  resolution with frequency...

note.. you will need system /VM connected to same LAN with adb installed..
adb connect IP
adb root
adb connect IP
adb remount
adb shell

then you can use.. setprop persist.sys.resolution.main.. 

also.. if you have two different length hdmi cables.. 
it would be good to test, 
just to make sure its not a problem with the cable.. ;-]..

hope this helps
Hi k247tek,

Thanks for the suggestion. Will try and let you know the results.