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Full Version: Hardware Flashing with Tinkerboard / SPI
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Hello guys!

I'm new here. Bought the Tinkerboard as a faster substitution to my RPI3

Now i want to use Asus Tinkerboard as Hardwareflasher for Libreboot

Here the article:

My question is: Are the SPI Pins the same as on Raspbery Pi? Can i just setup Tinkerboard the same way as RPI and use it for flashing?
Do the SPI Pins a kind of activation?

(06-27-2017, 11:15 AM)explit Wrote: [ -> ]Do the SPI Pins a kind of activation?

SPI must be activated in DeviceTree (dts/dtb) to attach driver. TinkerOS has one SPI active with two chipselects (/dev/spidev2.0 and /dev/spidev2.1) routed to connector.
Do not use TinkerOS (or rockchip-linux derivates) with SPI driver "CONFIG_SPI_ROCKCHIP" ! It works only up to 32 bytes length transfers and sends random length and random data to device if more data is requested (and results to SPI chip is unpredictable). Issue#19 was logged. UPDATE: resolved with TinkerOS >= 2.0.1.