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Full Version: Power Supply for Vehicle
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Hello everyone! I'm new to the Tinker Board scene. I purchased it because of the ease of getting a factory provided distro of Android up and running. I plan to use this board in my vehicle as an Android "Head Unit" of sorts (my factory radio has a way to input via RCA, so I'm hooking it up via an HDMI converter and will control it via an add on touchscreen).

I'm trying to find out whether anyone has found a power supply made for vehicles that is capable of providing reliable power to the Tinker Board. I don't want to under or over power the board, so I could use some advice on what will work best here. I appreciate any help y'all can provide!

Many thanks and happy to be a part of the community.
Tinker board requires 5V 2A power supply to work properly. 
You can use phone car charger if you want to get power from cigarette charger slot. 
You can use  5v 2a usb converter cable  
Good luck
Hi Homestar, I am doing a similar project, I am going to use a 5v 2a usb converter cable similar to the one in Fyers reply.

Do you have a touch screen working yet, if you do I would like to know the make and model? I purchased the Raspberry PI 7 inch touch screen but have had no luck getting it to work with the Android image.

I will probably try using a USB car charger to power it and see how that goes. I ordered the one in the link below a LONG time ago, I think it should work.


As far as the touchscreen, I'm still waiting on all my parts to arrive. I will be adding a 4 wire resistive overlay to the existing 6.5" screen in my vehicle. I've got a USB touchscreen controller specifically made for Android on the way as well and that will hopefully allow me touchscreen control.