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Full Version: Xposed Framework
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after reboot flash i got :

[ 562.978049] alloc_contig_range test_pages_isolated(59400, 597f5) failed
[ 564.082718] init: Warning! Service zygote needs a SELinux domain defined; please fix!
[ 567.970655] watchdogd: watchdogd started (interval 10, margin 20)!
[ 567.976846] watchdogd: watchdogd: Failed to open /dev/watchdog: No such file or directory
[ 568.507357] rk3288-lcdc lcdc1: blank mode:0
[ 568.507773] fb4:phy:55c00000>>vir:e0991000>>len:0x1800000
[ 568.507784] debug>>>>rk_fb_open[941]

and then i've to unplug power to shut it down and it reboot normally without installing xposed
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