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Full Version: Small Touch Screen that works with Android
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I am working with an ASUS Tinkerboard and want to run android with a touch screen. Ideally I want a touch screen around 7 inches. (4 to 10 inches is probably the limit in size)

I have seen reports that the  7" RPI touchscreen works as a screen but without the touch functionality on Android.

Additionally I have seen reports that Waveshare 7 inch screen has difficulties with certain OSes

Can any one suggest a small touch screen that works with android?
I am currently looking for the same device.
Official RPI touch functionality does not work since it seems that Android does not activate the DSI port for this.
I also have tried the Waveshare 7" 1024x600 and there are several issues till now:
- display is not configurable and a large part of the screen is outside the display zone. You must zoom out the display if you want to access to the Menu button. And in any case, you can't reach the Home button. No solution till now for me
- touch functionality is active but the touched area is not correctly calibrated. If you touch a zone your actual selection is a down-right shifted function. No solution either for this till now
I've also tried the "HDMI 7" 800x480 Display Backpack - With Touchscreen" from Adafruit. The touchscreen works but the screen tears up about once a second. Enough to make it unusable.