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Full Version: The heatsink is included with tinkerboard?
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Is the heatsink included with tinkerboard?
Does exist the optional bigger heatsink or fancoolers?
(08-19-2017, 07:59 PM)matteoraggi Wrote: [ -> ]Is the heatsink included with tinkerboard?
Does exist the optional bigger heatsink or fancoolers?

Yes, the heatsink is included. Pretty much any accessory compatible with Raspberry Raspberry Pi will work on this.
Just to be clear, the sink that is included really isn't enough. LibreELEC / Kodi can easily hit 90C. I run my Tinker with an additional (larger) heat sink stacked on top of the included one, and a gpio-pin-powered fan on top of that. I never go over 70C now even running "stress --cpu 4".
Thanks a lot! how it looks an additional larger hear sink? So you added it to the original one or you changed the little with the larger?
Do you have some suggestions about how to find it on google or some links to buy it?
what abotu the idea to use a copper heat sink instead of aluminium and instead to get a larger size?
And which is giving higher temperature? the cpu or the gpu?
Yes, copper something like twice as good for conducting heat, but it is also heavier and more expensive, so copper sinks are harder to find.  

I understand that some people have also put a sink on the power chip. I haven't found a sink small enough to clear the other components.

I found a heat sink in the bin of parts that I salvage before I dispose of old computers.  This one happened to be from an old Asus motherboard, so it was perfect!


It is sitting on top of the included sink, which ensures that the gpio pins are cleared, and held down by a couple zip ties that go around the board.  I was careful not to bend any pins or zip them too tight.  

At some point, if I have to remove the ties, I will put some thermal paste on the tops of the pins of the included sink to increase effectiveness.  It works fine for now.  


The fan is just one from my parts bin that happened to fit and already had a 2-pin connector.  Screw holes happen to align with slots in the sink.  It is a "12V" fan but it spins up fine and does a good job.  I think it's really only necessary if overclocking or running stress benchmarks.  


I like it better with the fan off.  It amuses me that somehow it ended up looking like a 1960's muscle car.
I hope to can use a large heatsink like this installed on a odroid c2:
or this on the raspberry:
a heatsink of 2,5x5,00x0,5cm on rs-components.com cost around 1€ only and it is largely available..