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Full Version: SunFounder 10.1 Inch IPS HDMI Monitor 1280×800 HD LCD
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Hi guys,

can i install this LCD on Asus Tinker Board?:


someone has already installed?

Google this monitor...and the spec:
width: 1280, height: 800, frame rate: 60, HDMI

I guess it would be work...?
i don't know, what spec should i search?

(09-05-2017, 09:30 AM)dacorsa Wrote: [ -> ]i don't know, what spec should i search?


[Image: rw50XFD.png]
thanks for your reply,

i don't know...i hope it works, but where is /boot/config.txt in asus tinker??

My 10 inch LCD monitor does not work well with any tinker Linux OS. I keep getting a random black screen, I..E it kind of works, but with anonying randon black screen

But it works fine with the pi 3