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Full Version: Picamera Tinker board
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Hi friends,
I m new to tinker board. Can i use picamera with tinker board csi port. Can we access the picamera with same commands as in RPI for picamera controls.
 Can anyone pls help me?
Thanks in Advance
I've personally not had success yet but only have the old original pi camera 1.3 OV5647

With tinkerOS 2.01 pi camera V2 (IM219) should come up as /dev/video0 - so most standard linux software will work

See these threads :

I am just finishing the installation of 3 picams on tinkerboards streaming video over a network using mjpg-streamer. In my case, this application works well with both the v2.1 'regular' and the v2.1 pinoir camera boards. However, I dunno how extensive existing camera controls are. I've so far only changed the resolution in mjpg-streamer (which works fine). I am guessing that the controls for streaming with mjpg-streamer are relatively limited compared to what you can do when you take snapshots or record video with a picam on the RPI. I haven't had the need to look for more controls yet but my uneducated guess is the tinkerboard drivers are not fully developed yet and so far only provide basic functionality,