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Full Version: ADC
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I have seen on Rockchip datasheet that it comes with a SAR ADC.
How it's possible to use it on Tinker Board?

Thank you very much!
I think I have bad news for you.
According to Datasheets you can find on the internet about the RK3288 the pins of the SAR-ADC are exclusive
and not configurable by the IO-MUX registers.
As all pins connected to the 40-pin header (besides power and ground) can have multiple functions I think we can rule out
that the SAR-ADC is connected to the header.
The pins of the HSADC though do share its pins with other controllers of the SoC.
Unfortunately none of those pins seems to be connected to the header as almost all of the pins of the HSADC are part of the 2A and 2B pin-group.
If someone finds out that my assumption is wrong please correct me.

So long.....
I think you are right, as some days ago I looked into this and came to the same result.