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Full Version: need help with changeing output to full range from limted colour space.
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hi ...

how do you change the hdmi output so its in full range not limited...

it looks washed out to me and i cant find anyway to change it. Huh Huh .

needs to be 0-255  not 16-235..
Hey dude,
can you explain a little bit more in detail what you directly mean cause i do not understand how the hdmi output should not show all colors right.

did you tried some shell commands to fix?
I tried to find a solution but i couldn't find one.
Did you tried your Display or tv or what ever you use with the Tinker together with an other PC over HDMI?
Does this works?
Because maybe it is not the Tinker Board which cause this Problem?
Which android version do you use the latest?
For my case i never had or have this sort of problem sorry ?
But maybe we will find a solution soon