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Full Version: External Wi-Fi antenna
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(09-09-2018, 12:33 PM)RawDevice Wrote: [ -> ]Looks very neat.  Can you tell me where you bought the cable?  A link would be much appreciated.#

Delock Antenna Cable RP-SMA Jack Bulkhead > MHF IV/ HSC MXHP32 compatible plug 100 mm 0.81 thread length 9 mm splash proof :-)
Thanks for the information guys, needed an external antenna as the aluminium Tinker Case was blocking too much of the signal.

Feeling stupid though: I had to search for the MHF -> SMA adapter myself on the German Amazon and didn't notice I got the wrong one.
What I ordered: DeLock 88814
What was needed: DeLock 12464

The difference is really small so I didn't notice: Mine had a female SMA connector. As the antenna also has a female connector it didn't have any connection and I was already worried I did something wrong until I noticed this issue. For now I just put in a small metall pin between the two female connectors which works fine, but I suppose others could benefit from this mistake by making sure they get the right adapter for the antenna they want to connect Smile

My TB is in 2nd floor, while router place in 1st floor.
yes, it boot wifi strength, once I add the external antenna.

please NOTE the connect MHF4 - connect the board & antenna wire.
Thank you all
(05-13-2018, 01:37 PM)renne Wrote: [ -> ]I do not use WiFi but ethernet. Is Bluetooth connected to the IPEX-MH4 connector (keyboard and mouse)?

I'm using the Tinker Boards for a solution involving BLE beacons, and this question came up, so I figured I would answer it for future readers: yes, the IPEX-MH4 connector on the Tinker Board S does appear to be used for Bluetooth as well as Wifi—a Tinker Board in an aluminum case without an external antenna reads a beacon next to the case at -60dBm RSSI, while one with an external antenna reads at about -30dBm.
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